Okuaizu, Japan

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Nanokado Hadaka Mairi (in Yanaizu)
This is a unique ritual that can be traced back more than 1,000 years. As a temple’s bell rings, men wearing loincloths run toward the main hall of Enzoji all at once. Before entering the temple, men are cleansed with water. Inside the temple, they compete each other as they climb up a rope hanging from the ceiling. It is said that by climbing the rope, men can expect prosperous year.

Event schedule: January 7th
Location: Yanaizu, Enzoji
Contact: Yanaizu Tourism Association.
Mitama Matsuri (in Yanaizu)
Chigo Gyouretsu・Toro Nagashi・Fireworks
Chigo Gyouretsu is a ritual that children walk in procession with lanterns in their hands. In the evening, the lanterns are floated on the Tadami river. The scattering dim lights reflected in the river enchant spectators. To conclude the event, a display of 4,500 fireworks decorates the night sky.

Event schedule: August
Location: Yanaizu, By the Tadami River
Contact: Yanaizu Tourism Association.
Toro Nagashi
Every year, people pay respect to their ancestors by floating paper lanterns on a river.
This is a steamed cake made of millet filled with sweet red bean paste. The texture of the cake is soft and a bit sticky. You will also feel grain of millet in your mouth, that generates pleasant sensation. You will find stores of this sweet near Fukuman Kokuzo Bosatsu Enzoji. You may look for steam raising up from steamers when you search for the stores.
Location: Yanaizu
Aizu Yanaizu Sauce Katsu Don
This is a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet and thin-sliced cabbage with special Sauce. In Yanaizu, cooked eggs are spread between cabbage and a pork cutlet.
Location: Yanaizu
Sauce Katsu Burger
This burger is consisted of a deep-fried pork cutlet, thin-sliced cabbage and cooked egg. It will satisfy your stomach with its volume and great teste.
Location: Yanaizu
Tanada in the Kubota Area (in Yanaizu)
There are beautiful terraced rice-fields in Kubota area located about 20 minutes from the center of Yanaizu. Local farmers provide rice-farming experiences to people in big cities, who generally have no opportunity to work in the fields.

Location: Kubota, Yanaizu
Contact: Yanaizu Tourism Association.
The Tsumujikura Fall (in Yanaizu)
This is a waterfall, with the height of 85 meter, dropping from the Hakase mountain. Every year in October, trees around this area change their color and impress spectators.

Location: Onarisawa, Yanaizu
Contact: Yanaizu Tourism Association.
Takinoyu Ryokan (in Yanaizu)
Established in 1899, this inn has been offering rejuvenating time with its Onsen. Guests can enjoy both indoor and outdoor hot-spring baths.
Price: Starting from 12,500 yen (plus tax) per night. (dinner and breakfast included.)

Address: 829 Nagasaka Sunakohara, Yanaizu
TEL : 0241-43-2311
Uchidaya Inn (in Yanaizu)
This inn has been in business for 140 years, located near Enzoji. Enjoy hot-springs, indoor and outdoor baths.
Price: Starting from 10,000 yen (plus tax) per night. (dinner and breakfast included.)

Address: 174 Jikemachiko Yanaizu, Yanaizu
TEL : 0241-42-2021
Seiryu No Yado Kawachi (in Yanaizu)
This inn is located near Enzoji. The view of Enzoji and Tadami river from its window is gorgeous. Enjoy hot-springs bathtubs made of Hinoki, a Japanese cypress.
Price: Starting from 11,000 yen (plus tax) per night. (dinner and breakfast included.)

Address: 150-1 Shitadairaotsu Yanaizu, Yanaizu
TEL : 0241-42-2600
Nohaku Yamaneko (in Yanaizu)
Have fun working in blueberry and organic vegetable fields. Guests may try various activities: learning how to make Umeboshi, pickled plums, smoking food and chopping firewood.
Price: Starting from 8,000 yen (plus tax) per night. (dinner and breakfast included.)

Address: 267 Idaira Sunakohara, Yanaizu
TEL : 0241-43-2632
Fukuman Kokuzo Bosatsu Enzoji (in Yanaizu) * Japan Heritage
This remarkable temple standing on a cliff was established by Tokuitsu Daishi in 807. (The current structure has been rebuilt in 1830.) It is said that the statue of Kokuzo Bosatsu was sculpted by Kobo Daishi, a renowned Buddhist monk. This statue is one of the three famous Kokuzo Bosatsu statues. The other two can be found in Ibaraki prefecture and Mie prefecture. Visitors are greeted by blooming cherry blossoms in spring. During fall, tree leaves change their colors into red and yellow as if the trees are painting on a mountain as a canvas. The temple is also famous for a unique ritual called Nanokado Hadaka Mairi, which is annual event on January 7th.

Contact: Yanaizu Tourism Association.
Kubota Sanjyusan Kannon (in Yanaizu) *Japan Heritage
On a hill of Kubota area, there are thirty-three statues of Kannon Bosatsu that people in the region have carved in 1818. The statues are placed about 5 ~ 6 meters apart from each other on the side of a trail of 234 meters (0.15 mile). The 7th statue is called Maria (Mary) Kannon because the Cross is engraved on the statue. Annually on April 29th, Kubota Sanjyusan Kannon festival has been held to commemorate the heritage.

Contact: Yanaizu Tourism Association.
Nishiyama Onsen (in Yanaizu)
There are eight wellsprings of Nishiyama Onsen by the Takiya River. It is believed that any illness can be healed if a person soak in the eight bathes. Found in 1300, this Nishiyama Onsen has been called “God’s hidden hot spring”.
Address: 884 Nagakubo, Sunakohara, Yanaizu
Contact: Yanaizu Tourism Association.
Refined Carving in Yanaizu
This traditional craft has been around for over 400 years. With his extreme skill, an artisan curves a very small buddha statue and place it in a nutshell. Although the statue is so small, as small as 1 mm, an expression of its face is vividly carved.

Yanaizu fine carving -Fuzan Kobo
It is possible to see the carving process.
710 Kaminakadairako, Yanaizu
Akabeko is the symbolic craft of Aizu. It is a toy of red cow made of paper. “Beko” means a cow. According to a legend, a red cow helped people to build a temple by carrying building materials in Yanaizu about 400 years ago.

Michi-no-eki Yanaizu
Address: 179 Shitadairaotsu, Yanaizu
Akabeko Painting Workshop
Akabeko is a toy of red cow made of paper. It has been considered as a talisman because of the legend about a red cow in Yanaizu. You can create your original Akabeko at this workshop.
*Reservation required
Michi-no-eki Yanaizu
Address: 179 Shitadairaotsu, Yanaizu
Awamanju Cooking Workshop
Awamanju has been loved by people for about 180 years. You can learn how to cook it by participating in this workshop. At the end, you can eat an Awamanju you made.
*Reservation required

Contact: Koike Confectionary
Address: 206 Iwazakamachikou, Yanaizu