• Traditional
    • Hinoemata Kabuki (traditional music and dance played by only men)
      Hinoemata Kabuki has been handed down from p・・・
    • Tadami Furusato Snow Festival
      This festival is one-of-a-kind winter event ・・・
    • Numazawa Lake Festival
      They hold Numazawa Lake Festival featuring a・・・
    • Sainokami
      Sainokami of Mishima is designated as Import・・・
    • Nanokado Hadaka Mairi (festival of naked men with loincloth for worship of god)
      This is a bizarre festival that has been han・・・
  • Traditional
    • Karamushi weaving
      Karamushi weaving is a traditional cloths ma・・・
    • Braided craft
      It is a braided craft using plants, such as ・・・
    • Aizu paulownia
      Aizu paulownia has a planting history from ・・・
    • Yanaizu fine carving, Toyama Kobo
      Mr. Kanesaka, a carver of fine arts of Yanai・・・
  • Hot Springs
    • Masuya Ryokan
      This inn is a convenient hub for exploration・・・
    • Onyado Sato
      Inside the facility which are full of warmth・・・
    • Kagiya Ryokan
      Traditional Japanese style inn treasuring wa・・・
    • Hotel Nango
      Hotel Nangō, with hot spring facilities, is ・・・
    • Sakai Hot Spring, Sayuri-so
      4 hot springs are scattered in Nango region ・・・
    • Aizu Astraea Hotel
      The hotel is the biggest landmark of Takatsu・・・
    • Kurataya Ryokan
      Many repeaters visit it from old days.
    • Yunoyado Matsuya
      It takes 2 minutes by car and 10 minutes on ・・・
    • Ryokan, Masuya
      Miyama cooking is full of blessings from mou・・・
    • Tokinosato Yurari
      Tokinosato Yurari is a hot spring accommodat・・・
  • Eat
    • Sobadokoro,, Minshuku Kaizan (bed and breakfast)
      We started our guesthouse and soba shop in 1・・・
    • Tachisoba Kadoya
      You can enjoy 'Tachisoba' made by ・・・
    • Tachisoba Maruya
      The name "Tachisoba" is originated・・・
    • Roadside Rest House Banya
      Surrounded by a range of mountains 800 meter・・・
    • Yamaguchi Hot Spring, Roadside Rest House Kirara 289
      Yamaguchi Hot Spring in Nango district, Mina・・・
    • Hanaizumi Sake Brewery
      Process to adjust steamed rice, yeast and wa・・・
    • Tadami recreation center, Hitoppuro Machiyu
      Tadami recreation center, Hitoppuro Machiyu ・・・
    • Ajitsuke Muttonkebab Café
      This café is located on 2F of Matsuya Liquor・・・
    • Hachijurian, handmade soba Japanese restaurant
      Recommended menus are Juwarisoba, sobayakimo・・・
    • Roadside Rest House Showa, a home of Karamushi (ramie) weaves
      This is a complex tourism facility where you・・・
  • Natural
    • Megumino Mori (Blessed Forest)
      In Tadami Town, there are many broad beech f・・・
    • Yanohara Wetland
      About 280 species of plants are inhabiting h・・・
    • Oshio natural carbonated water
      Oshio district, Kaneyama Town has been famou・・・
    • Mt. Obayashi Furusato
      Mt. Obayashi Furusato is located in Nishikat・・・
    • Aizu Highland Nango Ski Resort
      among snowboarders and free skiers.. Particu・・・
    • Aizu Highland Takatsue Ski Resort
      This is one of the biggest slopes in Tohoku.・・・
    • Fairy Land Kaneyama Ski Resort
      At this ski resort, you will enjoy magnifice・・・
    • Oze
      This is a national park a number of alpine p・・・
    • Komado Wetland
      The marsh was designated as a national treas・・・
    • Former Kuimaru Elementary School
      Kuimaru Elementary School has a big gingko t・・・