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Tadami Furusato Snow Festival (in Tadami)
Sculptures made of snow are displayed in various locations in Tadami. At the main exhibition area, traditional entertainments and Mikoshi are presented. Mikoshi is a portable shrine designed to be carried on men’s shoulders and to be moved around for worship. As they carry Mikoshi, people make uplifting and powerful shouts. At the closing of the festival, fireworks are set off.

Event schedule: February
Location: Tadami, An exhibition area in front of the JR Tadami Station
Contact: Executive committee of Tadami furusato Snow Festival.
Tagokura Dam Excursion Boat
Tagokura Dam is one of the largest hydroelectric dam in Japan. Gorgeous view of surrounding landscape from the excursion boat entertains its visitors.

Address: 604-18 Ushiroyama Tagokura, Tadami
Business Operation: Late-May ~ Late-November
Contact: Tagokura Lakeview
Mitsuishi Shrine (in Tadami)
Three rocks (Iwa) are objects of worship; Ichi no Iwa, Namida Iwa and Enmusubi no Iwa. The shrine is with the Enmusubi no Iwa as if the rock is wrapping the shrine. “Enmusubi” refers to matchmaking. There are small through-holes on the rock. It is believed that a good match can be made when you suspend a coin of five yen (Go yen) from the rock using a thread. (Note: Phonetic of “Go yen” is very similar to the phonetic of Japanese word “Goen” that means (good) relationship.)

Contact: Institute Tadami Tourism Town Planning Organizations
Johoji Kannondo (in Tadami)
This temple was established by a renowned Buddhist monk, Tokuitsu. Kannondo, the main hall, was built around 1585. The structure has a thatched hip roof and is surrounded by an open corridor. The temple is designated as an important cultural property of Japan. Inside the temple, there is Shokannon Zazou, also known as Hitohada Kannon, that can be viewed by public in August.

Contact: Institute Tadami Tourism Town Planning Organizations
Toki no Sato Yurari (in Tadami)
There are two large indoor hot-springs baths and outdoor hot-springs baths. You can take a sauna as well.
Price: Starting from 8,300 yen (including tax) per night. (dinner and breakfast included.)

Address: 50 Uwadaira Nagahama, Tadami
TEL : 0241-84-2888
Mori no Bunko Fuzawa
This hostel provides its guests unique experiences such as charcoal making, mushroom hunting and winter trekking. Price: Starting from 5,800 yen per night. (dinner and breakfast included.)

Address: 544 Okubo Fuzawa, Tadami
TEL: 0241-71-9511
Tadami Ikoi no Mori Automobile Campground
There are several types of housing to choose from. Select one that fit your preference. During your stay, you may enjoy BBQ and Soba-noodle making.

Address: 2832 Mukaiyama Tadami, Tadami
The Nekka Shochu (Rice-shochu)
The Nekka Shochu is distilled from rice harvested in Tadami. The flavor of the shochu has distinctive aroma and strong body. Produced by the smallest distillery in Japan, the Nekka Shochu was awarded the silver medal at the 2017 International Wine & Spirits Competition (Shochu category).
Location: 998 Oki Yanatori, Tadami
Mutton Kebab
Mutton BBQ is popular food in Tadami. You can try wrapped kebabs with a pitta and a kabab bowl.
Location: Mutton Kebab Cafe
1777-1 Uenohara Tadami, Tadami