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Nanokado Hadaka Mairi (festival of naked men with loincloth for worship of god)

This is a bizarre festival that has been handed down for one thousand and hundreds of years in Yanaizu Town.
At the hour of the ox (8::30p.m.) January 7, men in loincloths dashes toward ・・・

Traditional event
Tadami Furusato Snow Festival

This festival is one-of-a-kind winter event buzzing with more than 20,000 visitors to Tadami Town which is heavily snowed.
Big snow statues are displayed on the specially prepared stage a・・・

Traditional event
Hinoemata Kabuki (traditional music and dance played by only men)

Hinoemata Kabuki has been handed down from parents to children and grandchildren since the Edo Period, entertaining villagers of Hinoemata in the spring and autumn festivals as an offering to go・・・

Traditional event
Numazawa Lake Festival

They hold Numazawa Lake Festival featuring a legend of a giant snake, at Lake Numazawa inheriting the legend.
On the 1st day, there is a fire festival, and they reproduce a battle betwee・・・

Traditional event

Sainokami of Mishima is designated as Important Intangible Folk cultural Asset by the national government. It is a fire festival to pray for the huge harvest, good health and dispelling of misfo・・・

Traditional event

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