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Hinoemata Kabuki (traditional music and dance played by only men)

Hinoemata Kabuki has been handed down from parents to children and grandchildren since the Edo Period, entertaining villagers of Hinoemata in the spring and autumn festivals as an offering to gods.
According to materials, it has a history of more than 70 years.
The stage is within the temple of the protective god, and designated as Important Tangible Folk Cultural Asset by the national government.
Auditorium is open-aired, and the plates placed to the shrine serve as natural auditorium.
The stage starts in the evening.
If you view in the twilight, you must feel the atmosphere of stages performed in old days.

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Contact Oze Hinoemata Hot Spring Tourism Association
TEL : (81)-241-75-2432

They perform on May 12, August 18 and the 1st Saturday of September, every year.

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