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Tadami Furusato Snow Festival

This festival is one-of-a-kind winter event buzzing with more than 20,000 visitors to Tadami Town which is heavily snowed.
Big snow statues are displayed on the specially prepared stage and big and small snow statues are shown around the town. They are all madeby locals in 20 days. They also sell local cuisines and specialties at the site. At night, the big snow statue is lit up and the festival is cheered up by a ritual to get rid of misfortune joined by 42-year-old climacteric men, 'onbe' to pray for good health and Shinto dance in snow.
Fireworks are displayed on both days as finale, decorating the winter night sky.

Shinto dance in snow

Ritual to get rid of misfortune

A big snow statue

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Contact Executive committee of Tadami Furusato Snow Festival
TEL : (81)-241-82-5240
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The 2nd Saturday and Sunday in February, every year

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