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Tachisoba Maruya
This shop offers authentic Hinoemata soba which has been eaten since old days in Hinoemata.

The name "Tachisoba" is originated in this soba restaurant. Try this soba with affluent flavor using seeds of soba which is cultivated by local farmers on contract.
In addition, you can taste "Hatto", a local cuisine of Hinoemata using soba flour. They scrape the outer husk thinly, and grind the inner husk and seed. Soba made from this process is dark in color that you rarely see in other soba.

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Contact Tachisoba Maruya
TEL : (81)-241-75-2025
FAX : (81)-241-75-2377
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Business hours: 11:00-17:30 (to be changed according to seasons)
Regular holiday: No regular holiday
Business hours: Between late April and middle of November
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