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Roadside Rest House Banya
This is an oasis of drivers which is surrounded by mountains over 800 m in altitude.

Surrounded by a range of mountains 800 meters in altitude in the south-west part of Aizu, this roadside rest house is a gateway to the Fukushima side of the Oze Marsh. There are many popular sightseeing spots near the rest house like the traditional village and Takaetsu Ski Resort. Please drop by and enjoy local specialties; pickled red turnips and Gyoja garlic.

Banyaage (fried fish paste)

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TEL : (81)-241-78-2785
FAX : (81)-241-78-2785
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Business hours: 8:00-17:00
Business hours: 9:30-16:30
Regular holiday: 24/7 in summer, Tuesday and December 29 to January 3 in winter

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