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Hanaizumi Sake Brewery
Sake plays a central role in gathering of people, and makes people smile. They aim to brew sake full of dreams and admiration.

Process to adjust steamed rice, yeast and water is called brewing. Repeating the brewing three times, called "3-stage brewing" is the basic way of sake brewing.
However, Hanaizumi applies "4-stage brewing" by adding the 4th brewing with sticky rice to "3-stage brewing".
It is a brewery that gives you delicate taste produced by "4-stage brewing" using spring water in the town.

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Contact Hanaizumi Sake Brewery General Partnership Company
TEL : (81)-241-73-2029
FAX : (81)-241-73-2566
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Business hours: 8:30-16:30
Regular holiday: Saturday, national holidays, year end and new year’s day

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