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Ajitsuke Muttonkebab Café
Seasoned mutton which is a soul food of Tadami is sandwiched in pita bread. It is called B-grade gourmet Ajitsuke Muttonkebab.

This café is located on 2F of Matsuya Liquor Shop by Route 252 by a 4-munite walk from JR Tadami Station.
They serve B-grade gourmet, Ajitsuke Muttonkebab which pita bread sandwiching seasoned mutton which have been popular in Tadami.
This café is long cherished by locals as well as tourists for the Ajitsuke Muttonkebab, other menus with toppings of cheese and hot sauce and sweets.

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TEL : (81)-90-6682-0141
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Business hours: 11:00-21:00
Regular holiday: Wednesday and day of heavy snowfall
Wi-Fi availability for the whole hall

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