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Hachijurian, handmade soba Japanese restaurant
They are proud of Juwari Soba (100% buckwheat powder content) using stone-ground buckwheat flour produced in Tadami Town.

Recommended menus are Juwarisoba, sobayakimochi (grilled mix of soba and rice)and Hatto (boiled mix of sticky rice and buckwheat powder), Hachijurian Kimagure set is a set soba dish with several ingredients harvested from their proud farm, with which you can taste the feeling of seasons in Tadami.

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Contact Hachijurian, handmade soba Japanese restaurant
TEL : (81)-241-82-3401
FAX : (81)-241-82-2781
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Business hours: 11:30-15:00
Regular holiday: 24/7 during the operation period
Business hours: April to middle of November

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