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Aizu Highland Takatsue Ski Resort
15 courses which are 5 km long, spreading over the Aizu Highland and powder snow satisfy skiers and snowboarders.

This is one of the biggest slopes in Tohoku.
15 courses with a variety of features with a 5 km slope.
They are proud of powder snow called Takatsue powder over the slope.
At the side of the slopes are Aizu Astoria Hotel, Aizu Highland Hotel, Aizu Astoria Lodge, pension blocks and home inns that meet the needs of visitors.

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Contact Aizu Highland Takatsue Ski Resort
TEL : (81)-241-78-2220
FAX : (81)-241-78-3198
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Opening day of the ski resort: Late December
Business hours: 8:30-16:30 (night game: 16:30-20:30)
Ticket fee: 4,200 yen for one day ticket
Wi-Fi availability: only winter season

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