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Hot-Springs Lodging

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Hotel Nango
Recreation hot spring facility that can be used throughout 4 seasons.

Hotel Nangō, with hot spring facilities, is located in the Nangō District of Minami Aizu-machi. Nearby is Takashimizu Nature Park, with walking paths through a colony of lilies (lilium rubellum), the Miyatoko Marshy Grasslands, and Komado Marshy Grasslands. The surrounding mountains provide enjoyable senery from spring until fall and the Nangō Ski Resort is a 5 minute walk away, so visitors can have a meaningful visit to our recreational hot spring facility anytime of the year.

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Contact Hotel Nango
TEL : (81)-241-73-2275
FAX : (81)-241-73-2276
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Check-in 15:00, Check-out: 10:00
Overnight stay with two meals: 5,400 yen (including tax) or over


Day trip to hot spring
Bathing time: 13:00-19:30, Fee: 500 yen


Wi-Fi availability
Only lounge

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