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Hot-Springs Lodging

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Kurataya Ryokan
Flat curly noodle is home-made and served at a restaurant that this inn runs.

Many repeaters visit it from old days.
Soy source ramen is popular for home-made flat curly noodle.
Inside are tatami rooms where family guests can take time eating slowly.

Basic information

Contact Kurataya Ryokan
TEL : (81)-241-84-2040
FAX : (81)-241-84-2091
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Check-in: 15:00, Check-out: 10:00
Overnight stay with two meals: 7,500 yen (excluding tax) or over


Business hours: 11:00-14:00
Regular holiday: Wednesday


Wi-Fi availability
Available for the whole hall

福島県南会津郡只見 黒谷字田中1198
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福島県南会津郡只見 黒谷字田中1198

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