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Hot-Springs Lodging

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Tokinosato Yurari
A noted hot spring located on a highland, commanding a good view of fresh stream and blue sky in Oku Aizu.

Tokinosato Yurari is a hot spring accommodation that comforts guests' mind and body with springhead of Fukazawa Hot Spring and dishes of local ingredients.
As situated on the highland overlooking Ina River, you can enjoy bathing with a view of Ina River. Besides two large baths named "Tokinoyu" and "Satonoyu", sauna is available as well.
Enjoy bathing in open feeling while looking up at the blue sky and
sky with full of stars in Oku Aizu.

Open-air bath

Indoor bath

A popular menu, Aizu Jidori Wappa (local chicken-mixed rice)

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Contact Tokinogo Yurari
TEL : (81)-241-84-2888
FAX : (81)-241-84-2275
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Check-in: 15:00, Check-out: 10:00
Overnight stay with two meals: 8,300 yen (including tax) or over. Bathing tax is separately charged.


Day trip to hot spring
Bathing time: 10:00-21:00, Fee: 700 yen


Wi-Fi availability:
Available for the whole hall.

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