Okuaizu, Japan

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Soak in hot springs looking out over beautiful mountains of Okuaizu and refresh your soul.

Okuaizu Onsen Spotlight

Hayato Onsen (in Mishima)
Hayato Onsen has been a popular medicinal bath since 1200. Legend has it that a white crane healed his wound by taking the baths.

Photo: Tsuru no Yu.
Its outdoor hot spring is popular for striking view of Tadami river valley.
This chloride spring has ocher color.
It is used for medical treatment of wounds and skin diseases.
It is drinkable as a treatment as well.
For its medical benefit, many people visit this hot spring from all over Japan.
Address: Yunodaira Hayato, Mishima
Contact: Mishima Tourism Association.
Nishiyama Onsen (in Yanaizu)
There are eight wellsprings of Nishiyama Onsen by the Takiya River. It is believed that any illness can be healed if a person soak in the eight bathes. Found in 1300, this Nishiyama Onsen has been called “God’s hidden hot spring”.
Address: 884 Nagakubo, Sunakohara, Yanaizu
Contact: Yanaizu Tourism Association.
Tamanashi Onsen (in Kaneyama)
Photo: Seseragi So Two different hot springs are available, one of which is a natural carbonated hot spring. The carbon dioxide gas in the carbonated spring effectively promotes blood circulation and lower a blood-sugar level. Small babbles of the gas on the skin are very soothing.

Address: 2049-1 Araita Tamanashi, Kaneyama
Contact: Kaneyama-machi Commercial Tourism Division.
Tokusa Onsen (in Minamiaizu)
This hot spring is discovered about 1000 years ago. There is a legend that a samurai healed his sword-cut by soaking in the hot spring, which was once called “Aizu’s hidden hot spring.”

Photo: An outdoor bathtub made from a rock.
While bathing, beautiful view of the river valley and scent of mountain trees can be enjoyed.
The hot spring water is soft and has no color.
Address: Tokusa area, Minamiaizu
Contact: Minamiaizu Town Tourism Association Tateiwa Tourist Center.
Hinoemata Onsen (in Hinoemata)
Hinoemata is famous for having trailheads of the Oze National Park. Also, it is know for Heike no ochiudo legend that is about a fugitive family. Unspoiled nature of Hinoemata gives people hot springs and they can enjoy at three public bathhouses.

Address: 208-1 Uenodai, Hinoemata
Contact: Oze Hinoemata Onsen Tourist Association.