Okuaizu, Japan

Home of seasonal tradition and events


The Maezawamagariya Community
This community has many traditional thatched houses and is designated as an important preservation district of historic buildings.

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Furumachi no Matsuri (in Minamiaizu)
Furumachi no Matsuri is designated as the significant intangible cultural asset by the local government. This is the festival to appreciate good harvest for a year. People dress in Kamishimo, a ceremonial cloth worn by a Samurai, and march in procession passing through golden rice-fields.

Event schedule: the 2nd Saturday of September
Location: Furumachi, Minamiaizu
Contact: Minamiaizu Town Tourism Association Ina Tourist Center.
Aizu Astraea Hotel (in Minamiaizu)
The hotel is located by the ski slopes of Takatsue Ski Resort. A regular guest room has bed(s) and a bathroom.

Address: 535 Takatsuehara, Minamiaizu
Tokusa Onsen (in Minamiaizu)
This hot spring is discovered about 1000 years ago. There is a legend that a samurai healed his sword-cut by soaking in the hot spring, which was once called “Aizu’s hidden hot spring.”

Photo: An outdoor bathtub made from a rock.
While bathing, beautiful view of the river valley and scent of mountain trees can be enjoyed.
The hot spring water is soft and has no color.
Address: Tokusa area, Minamiaizu
Contact: Minamiaizu Town Tourism Association Tateiwa Tourist Center.
River fishing in the Ina River
Because quality of water is suitable for freshwater fish such as Ayu (sweetfish), Ina River attracts many fishermen when fishing season starts.

Location: Ina River, Minamiaizu
Fishing season: From Mid-July. (Fishing permit needs to be purchased.)
MTB Resort
During Summer, this resort provides various outdoor activities such as mountain biking, trekking, Zip-line and tennis. Need a lesson? No problem! There are instructors who can teach how to enjoy the activities. (Reservation needed.) outdoor

Address: 535 Takatsuehara, Minamiaizu
Contact: Aizu Kogen Takatsue MTB Resort
Zip-Line Adventure
A zip-line consists of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on a slope. There are six courses to enjoy a thrill of “flying” in the forest.

Address: 535 Takatsuehara, Minamiaizu
Business Operation: Early-May ~ Early-November
Contact: Aizu Kogen Takatsue MTB Resort
Atmospheric Icing Excursion
Soft and hard rime on forest trees exhibit beauty of nature. A snow vehicle takes you to the top of the mountain at elevation of 1,700 m (5,577 ft), where you can see the beautiful sight.

Contact: Aizu Kogen Takatsue Ski Resort
Address: 535 Takatsuehara, Minamiaizu
Ski Slopes
Enjoy ski slopes with powder snow. There are courses for Slalom and Mogul skiing as well. These slopes are exclusive for skiers.

Contact: Aizukogen Takahata Ski
20-3 Ichinomama Omomo, Minamiaizu
Halfpipe & Snowboarding
This is a famous site for enthusiastic snowboarders. Particularly, halfpipe and a banked slalom course are very popular. There are several ski courses to be enjoyed. Variety of slopes can satisfy skiers both skilled and beginners. There is an area dedicated for small children, where they can play with snow in safe environment.

Contact: Aizukogen Nango Ski Area
Yunoiri 293 Sakai, Minamiaizu