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Flavors of Okuaizu Spotlight


This is a steamed cake made of millet filled with sweet red bean paste. The texture of the cake is soft and a bit sticky. You will also feel grain of millet in your mouth, that generates pleasant sensation. You will find stores of this sweet near Fukuman Kokuzo Bosatsu Enzoji. You may look for steam raising up from steamers when you search for the stores.
Location: Yanaizu

Aizu Yanaizu Sauce Katsu Don

This is a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet and thin-sliced cabbage with special Sauce. In Yanaizu, cooked eggs are spread between cabbage and a pork cutlet.
Location: Yanaizu

Sauce Katsu Burger

This burger is consisted of a deep-fried pork cutlet, thin-sliced cabbage and cooked egg. It will satisfy your stomach with its volume and great teste.
Location: Yanaizu

Aizu Jidori (Chicken)

Aizu Jidori is a type of chicken grown in the Aizu region. These cage-free chickens are fed with locally grown vegetables and compound feed. Meats of Aizu Jidori are known for great flavor and texture.
Location: Mishima

Oshio Natural Sparkling Water (in Kaneyama)

Natural sparkling water is gushing out from a spring in Kaneyama. This fizzy water has moderate flavor and is pleasant to drink.
Location: Oshio, Kaneyama

Okuaizu Kaneyama Natural Sparkling Water

This natural sparkling water is soft water, which is very rare to find. In Japan, Kaneyama is the only refining and bottling place of the natural sparkling “soft” water. This water has been served at the important official meetings such as 2016 G-7 Summit.

The Nekka Shochu (Rice-shochu)

The Nekka Shochu is distilled from rice harvested in Tadami. The flavor of the shochu has distinctive aroma and strong body. Produced by the smallest distillery in Japan, the Nekka Shochu was awarded the silver medal at the 2017 International Wine & Spirits Competition (Shochu category).
Location: 998 Oki Yanatori, Tadami

Azaki Daikon Takato Soba

Azaki Daikon is a Japanese white radish locally grown in Kaneyama. The spicy flavor of radish goes great with Soba noodle.
Location: Kaneyama

Flower of Azaki Daikon

Okuaizu Kaneyama Aka Kabocha (Red Pumpkin)

The shape of Okuaizu Kaneyama Aka Kabocha is distinctive. At the bottom of it, there is a swelling. The pumpkins are being dangled, so that they do not touch the ground. The taste is very sweet and the flavor is often compared with a chestnut and sweet potato.
Location: Kaneyama

Yamodo Ryori

Because Hinoemata is in a mountain region, it is not suitable for farming geologically. Therefore, people in the region created dishes with ingredients such as wild vegetables, mushrooms and river fishes. Yamodo Ryori used to be prepared by a wife for a husband who worked in a mountain every day.
Location: Hinoemata

Mutton Kebab

Mutton BBQ is popular food in Tadami. You can try wrapped kebabs with a pitta and a kabab bowl.
Location: Mutton Kebab Cafe
1777-1 Uenohara Tadami, Tadami

Katsu Curry Mix Ramen

This unique dish is a collaboration of a curry with deep-fried pork cutlet and a ramen noodle. The volume is suitable for a person with big appetite.
Location: Syokudo Ofukuro
601 Shitamachi Kawaguchi, Kaneyama